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Our Investment Strategies

Our investment strategy for a particular client is determined by their investment goals, needs and expectations, thus providing a tailor-made solution.

  1. Value Investing: Seeking relatively undervalued stocks and believing they will eventually produce strong returns.
  2. Fundamentals Investing: Identifying companies with strong earnings prospects.
  3. Growth Investing:Buying into companies that have promising emerging products or services that hold promising growth potential.
  4. Socially-Responsible Investing:Looking for companies that adhere to certain set of moral and/or ethical business standards.
  5. Technical Investing:Examining past market data to look for hallmark visual patterns in trading activity to make buy and sell decisions.
  6. Contrarian Investing: Making investment decisions in direct opposition to the market majority (selling when others are buying).
Investment Strategies-Citadel-Capital

Indicative returns per annum

 November 2018January 2020
91-day treasury bill11.3%9.4%
182-day treasury bill13.0%11.3%
364-day treasury bill13.5%12.5%
2-year treasury bond15.5%14.1%
3-year treasury bond16.8%15.0%
5-year treasury bond16.9%16.5%
10-year treasury bond17.2%14.3%
15-year treasury bond17.5%15.5%